Meet Tiffaney Moore Borgelin, ACHS Certificate in Herbal Studies Graduate

Meet Tiffaney Moore Borgelin, ACHS Certificate in Herbal Studies Graduate

Tiffaney Moore Borgelin, ACHS Certificate in Herbal Studies* graduate, is a voice coach and herbalist, who uses a unique combination of voice and natural health training to coach clients from various vocal disciplines. Her clients include singers, actors, poets, storytellers, teachers, and radio broadcasters, among others.

“I have always believed that a holistic approach to voice is the most strategic way to address vocal issues,” Tiffaney says.

This belief led her to begin researching degree programs that would give her the knowledge she needed. When she could not find a course of study that suited her needs, she created her own, including her Certificate in Herbal Studies from the American College of Healthcare Sciences (formerly the Australasian College of Herbal Studies) in 2001. Tiffaney previously received her Bachelor's in Liberal Arts through the State University of New York-Excelsior.

After completing her studies at ACHS, Tiffaney says she “used the knowledge she gleaned from the Certificate in Herbal Studies program to design and teach several personal-interest courses, including Basic Herbology, Nutritive Herbology, and Alternative Health Modalities for Central Piedmont Community College, one of the largest community college systems in the nation.”

“My study in voice and health were further enhanced when I had the rare privilege of completing training sessions under the instruction of renowned voice scientist, Jo Estill,” Tiffaney says. “I am one of the last students fortunate to receive Compulsory Figures for Voice and Voice Craft education from Jo, on her visit to Mars Hill College, before her retirement.”

Tiffaney was later invited to return to Mars Hill College to present a training session on Herbs for the Voice, and has invitations to share her unique natural approach to voice and health at schools, colleges, churches, and other organizations.

Currently, Tiffaney maintains a private voice coaching studio in North Carolina, where she continues to educate individuals, groups, and associations about the importance of natural voice care.

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*Note, this course is not part of the ACHS Certificate in Herbal Retail Management. Learn more about this ACHS program here.