Daniela Musio, CNPM

Creator of Natural Products Company OCIAU

2011 Graduate - Certificate in Natural Products Manufacturing

Daniela was born and raised in Sardinia, Italy, and moved to the USA twenty years ago. She had always liked the idea of creating new things. After living in Miami, Daniela decided to share her culture and knowledge of natural things to create a line of products called OCIAU. Thanks to her training at ACHS, she had the opportunity to learn everything that has led her to the creation of her beautiful line of products.

Daniela's line is named “Ociau” after the Sardinian ”nettle”, a plant rich in beneficial properties. Her line of natural and organic products was born from the union of love and passion, and products are formulated with herbs, flowers and oils and draw from a deep knowledge of the natural world acquired from experience and cultural heritage.

Ociau is a line of natural and organic products, formulate with herbs, flowers and oils. We use all fresh and pure ingredients found in nature and transform them into creams, shampoos, conditioners, lotions and soy candles, that helps us to live a more sustainable, healthy and harmonious lifestyle every day. 

Check out Daniela's products coming soon in the Apothecary Shoppe College Store online here and visit her online at www.ociau.com.

Class and program
2011 Graduate - Certificate in Natural Products Manufacturing