Mikki Anderson, Cert. Aroma.

Meet LMT, Clinical Aromatherapist, and Teacher at GoldenWest College

2014 Graduate of the Certificate in Aromatherapy


Mikki's passion for holistic health and wellness and desire to help others has led to a rewarding career as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Clinical Aromatherapist, and a teacher at GoldenWest College. Her career provides her the unique ability to holistically improve her client's quality of life and educate the next generation of health and wellness leaders. 

"I completed my Certificate in Aromatherapy. That sounds so simplistic, doesn't it? But, the results of my learning in class are far reaching!! It has enabled me to serve more complex cases than with massage therapy alone and led me to Botanica 2014 (Clinical Aromatherapy Conference) in Dublin, Ireland and NAHA Aromatherapy Conference (with a scholarship) in Seattle, WA. Those led to me discover some Aryvedic Massage Tools that are coupled with my massage and aromatherapy knowledge to eliminate and reduce cancer neuropathy symptoms, smooth facial wrinkles, and eliminate or reduce the effects of many other ailments as well as lifting those without symptoms into a nirvana or meditative state. I can't say enough about ACHS and their teachers!"

"If you feel bored, depressed, disillusioned, burned out, take a class in a subject that interests you. It will enliven, inspire, refresh, rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. New doors will open for you to walk through. If it did for me, it can do the same for you! After all, time goes by anyway, right?! You might as well be opening yourself to new knowledge and opportunities by going to school as time passes."

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2014 Graduate of the Certificate in Aromatherapy