Tinessa Winkler, BS, HHP, CHNC (Honors), CWC

Meet Traditional Wellness™ Consulting Founder Tinessa Winkler

Tinessa graduated with a Diploma in Holistic Health Practice (HHP) from the American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) in 2014. She also obtained certificates in Holistic Nutrition (with honors) and Wellness Consulting from ACHS. In addition, Tinessa has over ten years of medical office experience with the Oregon Medical Group. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a diploma minor in Environmental Science from Oregon State University in 2002.

"Using my experience in the health industry and my education in business, environmental science, and now holistic nutrition, I will educate consumers and clients about the tools and modalities available for lifestyle modification, as well as lifelong wellness. I plan to further develop my own holistic nutrition consulting business (Traditional Wellness™) and collaborate with other holistic health practitioners to improve access to alternative and complementary medicine in my community."

Tinessa supports complementary and integrative (alternative) healthcare by educating her clients about the tools and modalities available for lifestyle modification and wellness: nutrition and diet regimens (acid-alkaline balance, fasting, food combining, transitional daily diet, wheatgrass therapy, and sprouting), exercise, herbs, aromatherapy, homeopathy, flower essences, or otherwise.

Learn more about Tinessa and Traditional Wellness™ Consulting on her website at http://traditionalwellness.wix.com/traditionalwellness


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