ACHS Advisory Council

ACHS's close ties with the aromatherapy, herbal medicine, holistic nutrition, and holistic health industries is key to our success and high quality. We want our students and graduates to have a worthwhile experience as a student that then transitions to the workplace.

Leaders, educators, and employers in the Natural Products and Natural Health sector have a strong self-interest in helping holistic health education improve and in helping students succeed. Well-trained competent graduates not only are more effective employees, salespeople, and ambassadors, they reduce compliance costs and liability exposure and help advance the industry. 

One of the most effective ways of providing a link between industry and colleges is through the ACHS Advisory Council. The Advisory Council is essential to successful programs and plays an important role in guiding, strengthening, and improving existing programs.

What is the Advisory Council? The Advisory Council is a group of industry experts, including employers and employees who advise ACHS on the needs assessment and learning outcomes for new programs and revision of existing programs. The Advisory Council is made up of individuals with experience and expertise in the occupational field that the program serves.

ACHS’s goal for the Advisory Council is ensure that our programs align with employers’ needs for caring, knowledgeable, committed, and informed employees who enter the workforce with holistic health expertise and fundamental job-success skills. We also want to keep participation in the Advisory Council fun, meaningful and rewarding for all stakeholders and to facilitate and create social change within the holistic health community. Our goal is to streamline Advisory Council administration to avoid Advisory Council members spending hours on paperwork, and instead get down to the business of creating the best possible accredited programs in holistic health. To that end, we’ll be using social media and technology to make meetings and feedback fast and easy.

Characteristics of the Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is established to assist in program improvement. Commitment is key to the success of any advisory committee – but our emphasis is on outcomes not on time.